Lake Lenore Caves

Lake Lenore Caves
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Lake Lenore Caves sits just about 10 miles north of Soap Lake, or 15 miles south of Coulee City, right on SR 17 in North Central Washington, an area known as the Coulee Corridor. A stop there is perfect for a quick outing to stretch your legs after a long drive or to spend the better part of the day exploring the unique landscape.

The Lake Lenore Caves area is managed by the State of Washington and parking there does require a Discover Pass. After parking, head to the beginning of the trail up to the caves located on the south end of the parking lot. This will be the only real elevation gain on this trail that doesn’t venture more than a mile and a half from its starting point. Once on the upper shelf, follow the trail as it meanders right in front of several came openings of various sizes. Many of the caves are quite large and easy to walk down into. Once there, take a moment and imagine what it must have been like to use these caves for shelter.

Many visitors find themselves wondering what formed Lake Lenore Caves? The caves were created during the same Great Missoula flood that carved much of Eastern Washington into the scenic wonderland it is today. When the waters of the flood retreated, it left behind these caves high on the cliffs above the coulee floor. The caves were then used by early Native Americans for shelter and storage. Today, they’re protected and preserved for both the recreational opportunities provided there as well as for their historical significance.

Once you’re done exploring the caves, the same trail will lead you right back to the parking lot. Along the way, there are several rock outcroppings and side trails to higher vantage points that can give you and your camera some very unique looks at the surrounding scenery.

Lake Lenore Caves is a relatively easy place to visit for visitors of all ages. It’s fun, educational, eye-opening, and impactful all at once. It definitely ranks up there as one of the great places to stop on the Coulee Corridor.

Lake Lenore Caves